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What To Do When You Are Being Headhunted

While you are unique in carrying out your responsibilities, someone will eventually see that. You should expect people to make offers meant to lure you into a different company. This is the situation called headhunting which means that you receive job offers even though you are not actively looking for a job. It is okay that you may not be aware of the necessary steps to take. Read on to know what you should do to ensure that you get the best deal.

Do Not Share The Information
We all get excited about telling other people about what is happening in our lives. Even though being headhunted is a complement, boasting about could jeopardize your current position.You current employer but consider you no longer reliable if they realize that you are considering leaving the company. If you fail to leave the company as anticipated, you may not be promoted in future in your current company. Furthermore, it might reduce your chances of getting as many responsibilities in the future.

Research The Headhunter And The Recruiting Firm
Not every job opportunity is an improvement from your current position just because it involves headhunting. Besides, it is impossible to reach a conclusive end if the headhunter is not well established. In this case, before you get too excited about the offer you need to make a background search on the recruiting agency. To get a clear picture of what to expect; you need to find records concerning wages and other benefits as well as the general workplace environment. Keep in mind that while an offer with higher wages is enticing, deviating from your career path may prove detrimental in the long term.

Get An Informal Interview
After you have made background research and committed to following through with the offer, you then need to request for an informal interview. The interview can be with a representative of the agency involved or with a representative of the hiring firm. In the meeting, be sure to ask the most important questions without being too aggressive. At this level, it is important that you steer clear of raising an issue of money..

Express Your Interest For a Formal Interview
The informal interview will have facilitated you to make a decision on whether you will follow through with the offer. If you have decided to explore the offer, communicate the same to the headhunter and asks for a formal interview.

Check Wages and Benefits
Upon completing the interview process, you are likely to receive an offer on salary and other benefits. Do not accept the offer unless you feel that it a generous offer and a significant improvement on your current wages and benefits. Through tools such the hourly paycheck calculator by state you should breakdown your salary to hourly basis and make an informed comparison.